Frauds when it comes to buying products in China

Frauds  when it comes to buying products in China : Find out if your supplier is an impostor

Have you suffered from fraud when you have bought products in China? Do you think your supplier is an impostor because you have not received the goods that you have previously bought? Have you import products from China into your country and you have received a different product from the one you bought?

 These are some of the most common ecommerce frauds targeting potential customers all around the world. Suppliers sometimes contact us directly and offer us cheap products which are finally frauds.

Here you have a list with some examples that may end up in frauds or scams:

1. If the seller owns a reliable webpage on Alibaba but once you write to him, he does not reply with a business email address, this may be a fraud. For instance, if the email address ends up as or and it is not the name of the company then, you may be suspicious about the reliability of the seller.

2. If the seller we talk to, owns a serious company, has a webpage and shows appealing prices but he tells us to  pay by Western Union or bank transfer to his personal account, it is a fraud. Sometimes, they try to convince us of the safeness of the transaction but if we check the bank details of the payment, we will realize we are sending money to a personal account.

3. If our contact offer us cheap trademark products such as Samsung or Apple, it is only one of the two ways: it is either a fraud or imitation products. No one can sell original Ipads for 100 USD each, it is just wishful thinking.

In MingTa we want to help our customers and friends to avoid this kind of frauds. Therefore, we are going to launch the following initiatives:

A: For those who are not sure about the person of contact, we are going to offer an additional service so that we can find out if those suppliers really exist. From our office in China, we will call them, we will search on our databases of fraudulent people and we will send emails to the supplier in order to provide our customers with usual information about the person in contact. The cost of this service will not be high so that we can help all fraud victims and people who have problems buying products from China.


B: We offer you the current webpage to leave a comment and explain the frauds that you all have suffered. By doing this, we want to help others to avoid being suffered from frauds or scams. Tell us your experience and make others not to repeat them!

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