7 tips on how to import from China

Many customers ask us daily about the main tips on how to import from China. As we offer import services, we want them to be successful so that all of us can do proper business. That is the main reason to which we have decided to write down the current article called  ” 7 tricks on how to import from China “.

Below you can see the tricks and tips we propose to you:

  1. Before starting an import, you should acquaint very well the product you want to buy. In this way, you can list any of the doubts you have and ask them to the supplier.
  2. To import Chinese products, we suggest you contact the prospective customers with whom you have been dealing with in previous times. It is not only the quality or the price what makes you sell better but whom you sell it and how you sell it.
  3. If you have any doubt on what products you should import from China, we propose you some Chinese goods which are highly successful commercially. Check here the Chinese goods which head the list of the products most in demand.
  4. Find a proficient supplier. You should pay attention not only to the price but also to the quality of the product and the service itself. If you do not know how to do it, put yourself in professional hands.
  5. Before starting to work with a supplier, you must verify them first. If you are planning to buy from a factory, it is advisable not to buy through a broker. The only way to know properly that you are not buying from a broker is either undergoing an inspection or sending someone to prepare you a report.
  6. Avoid both paying via Western Union and transferring money to personal accounts. If you transfer some money to someone’s account, make sure you are transferring to a company’s account. There are a wide range of scams that you may encounter.
  7. As regards logistics, do not leave it to the manufacturer. Manufacturers are good at producing and selling but they are not specialists in customs clearance at the place of destination. We encourage you to work with an expertise in the field such as a freight forwarder.

Although there are many tricks, these have been 7 tips on how to import from China. We are sure you know a lot of more. Please, write down your comments and let us know more tricks on how to import from China!

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