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Smart Balance Scooter from China

Best Gift for 2015 Christmas-Smart Balance Scooter Christmas is on the corner, and what is the best gift this year for Christmas – sure it is the most popular and crazy Smart Balance Scooter. Considering the boom and burn the kitchen coursed by the scooter in UK this October, so, safety is first consideration when we […]

Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 begins on February 19th, finishing with the Year of the Horse and begining the Year of the Sheep (or Goat). Chinese National holidays will be from February 18th to 24th, although many factories and shops close much earlier and will come back to work much later. We should consider that the Chinese New Year […]

New Arrival iPhone 6 Ultrathin slim aluminum case

Here I`d like to introduce our 2015 newest iPhone 6 case — Ultrathin Slim Aluminum case. Breath freely style!!   There have some interesting features of this iPhone 6 case: Selective aluminum material: we choose the best material to produce this item. Exquisite design language: 0.5mm ultrathin thickness , thermal dissipation — to protect your […]

Phone cases from China

Best price phone cases from China How to buy tablet and phone cases. Phone cases are one of the most profitable products and good choice if you are looking to make a good investment. Today all phone cases are manufactured in China. Buying phone cases is a business without risk, which do not require a large investment and has high profit margin. […]

7 tips on how to import from China

Many customers ask us daily about the main tips on how to import from China. As we offer import services, we want them to be successful so that all of us can do proper business. That is the main reason to which we have decided to write down the current article called  ” 7 tricks on how […]

Importing from China III: Verifying suppliers

Verifying chinese supplier or manufacturer As we have previously commented, the finding of suppliers is crucial to importing from China. We need to do a valuable research so that we can find out the best firms to work with before investing too much money in the searching and negotiation. Once we have done it, we […]

Importing from China II: Finding suppliers

We are going to concentrate on the first stage of the importing business: the finding of suppliers. This current step is sometimes considered to be underestimated. People are usually convinced that the first supplier they find on Alibaba that gives them a good price is the right one. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Importing from China VI: Transport Management

Importing from China VI: Transport Management Transport management is the most systematic approach and the only step of the process that we can manage in the place of destination thanks to new technologies. However, the easiest way to do it is by hiring other companies that can do the work for us. Besides, these companies […]

Frauds when it comes to buying products in China

Frauds  when it comes to buying products in China : Find out if your supplier is an impostor Have you suffered from fraud when you have bought products in China? Do you think your supplier is an impostor because you have not received the goods that you have previously bought? Have you import products from China […]

Cheap products from China

Cheap products from China Buy Cheap Chinese products from Spain, Chile, Mexico and other countries: CONSULT US WITH NO OBLIGATION Cheap Chinese products are in demand in most occidental countries but occidental people are not always ready to buy them. Many problems stop people from getting the products even if the products are very cheap. […]