We are MingTa

A 100% European capital company founded with the goal of improving the service and confidence to anyone interested in starting or consolidating their business in China.

MingTa in China
Our main office is located in Shenzhen, the image of China’s modernization, and from there we make all necessary arrangements in order to assure that your project is developed in a superb form. We also have presence in other cities such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, known because of their commercial character.

MingTa in the World
Our clients, collaborators and business partners are Worldwide. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on China.

Chronology of MingTa


  • MingTa Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. founded, starting operations in Shanghai
  • 98% of turnover corresponds to customers in Spain
  • First sales in China and Ecuador (clients in 3 countries)
  • 3000 visits to the website


  • Shenzhen MingTa Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. founded in China and transfer headquarters to its facilities
  • MingTa Group, S. L. founded in Spain
  • Opening own page on Alibaba and obtaining Gold Supplier
  • 95% of turnover corresponds to customers in Spain
  • First sales in Chile, Brazil, Peru, France, Italy, Russia, UK, Hong Kong and Mexico (customers in 11 countries)
  • 46000 visits to the website


  • MingTa Global Asian Commerce, S. L. founded, which becomes the representative in Spain, as heir to MingTa Group, S. L.
  • Opening own warehouse in Shenzhen with a storage capacity greater than 2000 m³
  • Opening new offices of Shenzhen MingTa
  • 25% of turnover corresponds to customers in Spain
  • 6% of turnover corresponds to customers in Latin America
  • Total turnover exceeding 1 million USD
  • First sales in Venezuela, United States, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, Argentina, Germany, Honduras, Guatemala, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Bolivia, Netherlands, Canada, Greece, Vietnam, Ukraine and Poland (customers in 34 countries)
  • 106000 visits to the website


  • First direct import of wine from Spain for distribution in China
  • First sales in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Austria, Romania, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Philippines, Ghana, Slovakia, Nepal and Paraguay
  • Participation with own booth in China Food & Drinks Fair (Chengdu, Sichuan), Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair (Hong Kong) and Interwine China (Guangzhou, Guangdong)
  • 10% of turnover corresponds to customers in USA
  • Opening new offices of MingTa in Zaragoza, Spain


  • First direct import of cosmetics from Spain for distribution in Chin
  • Total turnover almost 2 million USD
  • First sales in Puerto Rico, Panama, Nicaragua and Senegal (customers from 51 countries around the world)


  • Renewal of Shenzhen MingTa HQs and warehouse expansion
  • MingTa Oriental S.R.L. founded in Argentina
  • Total turnover exceeding 2.5 million USD
  • ICEX echoes the award given by AI Global to MingTa as “Best Offshore Purchasing Company” in China


  • First import of wine from La Rioja and Somontano (Spain) with its own brand (Juan Torres) for distribution in China
  • Total turnover exceeding 3 million USD
  • 6% of turnover corresponds to customers in Italy


  • HQ relocation to new expanded facility in Shenzhen
  • Total turnover exceeds 6 million USD
  • First sales in Colombia and Qatar (clients in 53 countries)


  • Total turnover of more than 7.5 million USD
  • 10% of the turnover corresponds to clients in Latin America
  • First sales in El Salvador (clients in 54 countries)