Location and selection of suppliers

We know that finding the right provider, make sure your professionalism and contact him is an impossible task to accomplish without being present in China. Therefore MingTa with its offices in the country, offers a complete search service providers with the best guarantees.

– Product Survey: We strive to make the most of the product you wish to purchase to ensure that the selected vendor meets all your requirements.

– Market research: We analyzed the offer of your product in China, where the most reliable suppliers are located and how to access them.

– Search for suppliers: We searched and found suppliers that best meet your needs and we get in touch with them. If necessary we move to the factories to ensure their existence and prevent fraud by the supplier.

– Budget: We make an initial consultation of prices based on purchase amounts provided and prepare a budget.

– Final report: We send a report with the results and conclusions of the operation, as well as budgets generated.