International Fairs participation

For many companies the first contact with the Chinese market comes at international fairs such as the Canton Fair.

Organize a good agenda and accompanied by professionals is the best guarantee to take the time to stay in China. Leverage MingTa service offers:

– Briefing: We meet with you via videoconference to clarify all doubts about your journey and give relevant advice to a good start in China.

– Budget: We prepare a document with details of costs, including contingencies. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to accurately predict the various costs and subsistence in the country.

– Agenda: We define the dates and times of visit to the fair, as well as times of leisure and tourism, so that the customer does not waste a minute of your trip.

– Booking: We booked hotels, airline tickets and train and pick you up at the airport. Some of these reservations can only be made in Chinese, which often makes it impossible for the client to carry out this part without assistance.

– Service support (full time): A member of the company will be all the time with you, guiding you in Chinese culture and geography, and ensuring your welfare and compliance schedules.

– Translation service: An interpreter will accompany you to not have problems in a country where people are rarely speak English.